Polish Kolaczki Cookie Recipe

* Ingredients
° 8 ounces soft cream cheese
° 2 sticks soft butter
° Half a cup of granulated white sugar
° 2 cups all-purpose flour
° 1½ cups jam of your choice, any flavor
° Powdered sugar for the topping after baking

* directions
Mix the soft cream cheese, butter and granulated white sugar together. Blend flour to dough form ball.
On flour surface, cutting dough ball to 4 equal parts. This will aid making dough right size.
Rolling out every quarter of dough to for an inch. Cut clean 2-inch-wide squares.Spread a thin layer of your favorite jam diagonally over the cut squares. Don't fill the dough too much or the dough will open up and ooze all over.
Fold other end of cookie on the jam swab also placing it on cookie sheet. These cookie do not spreading , so you can placing cookies close on baking sheet.
Baking in an oven at 350 degrees F  about 10-12 min . Removing from oven and directly place on a wire rack to cool about 10 min . Putting cooled cookies in refrigerator to jam and cookie are finish setting.
Sprinkle powdered sugar on the face.

Enjoy !


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