Cowboy Crockpot Soup

*Ingredients List:

°Minced beef; I used 2 pounds.

°2 large chopped onion.

°chopped garlic; You'll need 3 lobes.

°2 tbsp chilli powder.

°2 tbsp of cummins.

°1/2 tbsp salt.

°1/2 tbsp black pepper.

°2 cans. of farm beans.

°frozen mixed vegetables; I used a 15-ounce box.

°2 large can. of full core corn - strainer.

°Big box. From tomato cubes - strainer.

°Ro-tel medium case 10 ounces.

°4 cubes rust potatoes.

°beef broth; I used 4 cups.

Step 1 - Brush the mince in a large saucepan or Dutch oven (mine is 9.5 kilotons) over medium-high heat. Drain if you want to.

Step two - In a large bowl, combine the chopped onions, garlic and seasoning. While stirring to combine the ingredients, start bringing the onion to a soft state by cooking for 5 minutes.

Step three - Add chopped tomatoes, corn and vegetables with farm beans and corn. To collect, beat him.

Step four - Place some chopped potatoes, some Ro-tel calls and some beef broth. To collect, beat him. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to keep the heat quiet.

Step 5 - Simmer for twenty minutes, or until the potatoes reach the softness you love.

Step 6 - Turn off the fire, and the dish is ready to serve! I hope you enjoy it!

Enjoy !