This Strawberry Punch Bowl cake recipe contains perfect layers of moist pound cake, decadent strawberry cream cheese filling, fresh whipped cream and fresh strawberries perfectly in season, creating the perfect springtime dessert.    

* Ingredients

° Yellow Cake Mix 18 1/4 oz
° 2 3 1/2-ounce cans instant vanilla pudding mix (prepared according to package directions)
° One 20-ounce can pineapple, crushed and drained
° 6 medium bananas, sliced
° 2 pints strawberries (crushed pint, chop pint, and mix together)
° One 24-ounce container cold whipped cream (melted), or fresh whipped cream (1 quart heavy cream, whipped with 1 cup sugar, until stiff)

* directions : 

Preparing cake in 2 9-inch round pans Accorde to instructions . Placing 1 layer cake in bottom  bowl. Adding half of pudding, half pineapple, 3 tranches of banana, half of strawberry, & half of Cool Whip. Placing other layer of cake in punch bowl wiith pudding, pineapple, banana, & strawberries. Adding-cold-mix & sprinkling strawbeerry juice on face.
I thought this would be a great dessert for a hot day, and it was!
have a great day!

Enjoy !