Homemade Pineapple

Here is a perfect dessert for those hot days or evenings, prepared by the care of my dear Lunetoiles, a pineapple ice cream without an ice cream maker…. very easy to make, no need to make custard, no need to wait 30 minutes in front of your ice cream maker….

* Ingredients :

° 450 g of pineapple frozen by you, cut your pineapples into pieces and place them in the freezer a few hours before or better, the old one
° 20 cl of soya milk with vanilla or milk (or 1 soy yogurt, or 2 small Swiss, or 1 cow or sheep yogurt, or 200g of white cheese in well drained dish
° 1 tbsp of liquid or powdered vanilla extract
° 10 tbsp of agave syrup you can replace with honey or maple syrup

* Instructions :

Put everything in the bowl of a food processor.
Start in pulse mode with short pulses, then mix thoroughly until you have a perfectly creamy consistency.
Serve immediately or put in the freezer in a plastic container, but no more than 4 hours otherwise the ice will lose its softness.
If you need to freeze the ice cream longer, take it out 20 minutes before consuming it.

Enjoy !