Mom's famous cream puff


°1 stick butter

°1 cup water

°1 teaspoon vanilla

°4 eggs

+Mom's famous filling:

°1 Bent Heavy Cream

°Package 1 (3,4 Onsis)

°1⁄3 Cup Milk


Boil water, butter and vanilla. Add flour.

Stir constantly until he leaves the side of destiny and forms a ball. Remove and cool.

Whisk 4 eggs, one by one until smooth.

Drop T. on paper-lined cookie sheets (you want 8 to a nice big one) and bake at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes.

(Professional tip: Toothpick can be poked once out of the oven, then returned to the oven with it closed and the door broken while cold. That prevents them from shrinking.

Let's cool down.

Chop half and a tube or put a scoop in my mom's filling. Pour dust with sugar powder or pour on melted chocolate.


Whisk everything in the blender until thick!

Enjoy !