Take One tablespoon before going to bed

Insomnia is a global problem, and many humans fight every night to sleep and get the proper relaxation that the frame desires.
As a result, they take many heavy medications, which leads to serious side consequences, as lack of sleep has a huge impact on your health.Insufficient sleep can lead to irritability, anxiety and deterioration of physical conditions.

In this state, the mind is now no longer able to function properly, which has led to slowed cognition and cognitive skills, as well as a higher risk of fitness problems including stroke, excessive blood stress and coronary heart disease. Adequate sleep is essential for normal health, because the body must be characterized by adequate sleep.Therefore, we can recommend a very powerful herb, which may have serious consequences.It is completely safe, simple, and contains the best ingredients.

* ingredients  :

° 1 tsp Himalayan salt pink
° Five teaspoons of raw honey

* How to prepare :

All you have to do is mix the ingredients together, stir them well, and pour them into an airtight container.

* Utilize:  

Take half a teaspoon or 3/4 teaspoon before going to bed every night, put the medicine under the tongue,it will be immediately absorbed, if you like, you can also pour it into a cup of hot water and drink it as tea