Pasta shells with ground beef


°Mince: 1.5 pounds

°Garlic: 1 lobe (med)

°Black Pepper

°Sazon Perfecta Seasoning

°Pasta peels: 2 medium-sized cups

°Oil: 1/4 cup

°Water: 4 cups

°Boylon Chicken Knorr Darling: 2 tbsp

°Grainy Knorr tomatoes: 4 tablespoons

°Serrano pepper: 3 (cubes)

°Onion: 1⁄2 (chopped)

°Rottel: 1 can

°Coriander: handful (chopped)

°Garlic and onion powder as desired

°Red Sazon: 2 packages

°Foliage: 1 Bay


To start the recipe, continue to roast minced beef with chopped garlic, black pepper and sazon spice perfecta.

Meanwhile, brown pasta peels in 1/4 cups of oil (just as Ronnie rice browns) in a deep frying pan.

Well now, you can drain the grease from minced beef. You'll want to add meat to your pasta peels.

You can then add water, granulated knore chicken, chopped serrano pepper to cubes, grainy tomato pullon, half onion, rottel, a handful of chopped coriander, and red sazon bay. After that, you need to add garlic and onion powder to your taste.

Please move and cover. Finally, cook at medium altitude until your shells are aldactic and serve immediately and Enjoy!!