Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon Honey Butter

*What do you need:

°2 knobs of butter, at room temperature
°1 Granulated sugar
°1 Honey
°2 tbsp. ground cinnamon

*How to do it :

Whip the butter so it's nice and creamy.
This is where the room temperature part makes it easier)
Add the powdered sugar and mix everything together. Then add honey and cinnamon. Then whip it. Whisk well. ("Ba da ba da da. Crack that whip!") Scrape the sides and whip it some more.
Store Heavenly Concoction in the refrigerator or leave at room temperature. It will spread much easier at room temperature, but that's up to you! Serve on buns, toast, bagels, sweet potatoes, etc. Enjoy! And good luck not eating it all!