Sherdded Chicken Sauce over Mashed Potatoes

* Ingredients :

°2 cans of cream of chicken
°2 cans of water
°2 packets of chicken sauce
°2 packages of chicken breast
°Mashed potatoes (I use the ones that come in a bag and just add a little butter)

1. Place the cream of chicken, water and chicken sauce packets into the slow cooker.
2. Seasoning chicken breast with garlic powder, salt & pepper.
3. Placing chicken in slow cooker & cooking on low heat for 7-8 h.
4. Take the chicken out and separate it with 2 forks, then add it to the slow cooker, then serve over mashed potatoes.
The rollers go very well with it. There are only 2 of us so I'll have plenty of leftovers, but there's definitely enough to feed at least 5 people or keep you going for several days.

Enjoy !