Mocha-Layer Cake with Chocolate-Rum Cream

Brownie is an institution in my family! Plus, there's no need for baking in the oven!
Impossible to miss! Be warned, this is a cake that gets made 48 hours in advance so the flavors have time to breathe!


+8 people

°1 box of tea biscuits
°125gm soft butter
°125gm dark chocolate pastry
°60 grams of sugar
°3 espresso coffee
°1 egg

* Preparation:

 First prepare the chocolate buttercream: melt the chocolate and leave to cool. During this time, beat the soft butter with the whole egg and then the sugar. Once the mixture is homogeneous, add the melted chocolate little by little. Buttercream is ready to use.
So let's start assembling the cake, first we dip a small biscuit in cold coffee, especially without additives, dip, stir, that's it, otherwise the biscuit will fall apart .....  It is better to soak it again as soon as you put it on your plate with a brush. Put them side by side in a serving dish, and moreover pay attention to the choice of dish because it is to be used for serving! I make 6 layers of eight cookies, 2 cookies across and 4 across.
But you can give it any shape you want. The first layer of soaked biscuits is laid out, we can spread butter cream on it, I do this with a knife, being careful not to crush the biscuit. The first layer is done, just start over until you run out of stock: a layer of biscuits a layer of buttercream.
Once you have placed the last layer of cookies, cover them completely with buttercream.
Then cover with aluminum foil and put in the refrigerator for 24 hours, or at least 48 hours if possible.
Take it out of the fridge half an hour before serving.

Enjoy !