These lemon garlic shrimp are so delicious you have to watch your fingers! The recipe couldn't be simpler, super fast (15 minutes), and with minimal ingredients. Delicious with pasta, rice, mashed vegetables and bread.

* ingredients:

°500gm raw, medium or large prawns, peeled, with or without tails (in the photos I used 1kg of medium prawns)
°4 crushed garlic cloves
pinch of paprika (optional)
°Salt and pepper to taste
 °2 tsp of olive oil
°2 tablespoons butter (or more if you want more sauce)
°juice of one lemon (2 tablespoons), see note 2
°1 tablespoon minced parsley (optional)


Rinse the shrimp in cold water and pat dry with a paper towel.
In  skillet, heat the oil.
Fry the shrimp over high heat for 1 minute on each side, until they turn pink (1.5 minutes if the prawns are large). Be careful, do not cook it for a long time, otherwise it will turn out to be tough and dry.
Mix salt and pepper to taste halfway through the cooking process.
Remove the prawns and set aside on a warm covered plate.
Note: If the pan is small, or if you use a lot of shrimp, do it in batches. Do not fill the skillet with shrimp.
Add the garlic, a pinch of paprika if you are going to use it, and the butter to the skillet. permit to simmer for 2 min while stirring.
Be careful not to burn the garlic, as it will taste bitter.
Adding parsley if use and then lemon juice. blen up.
Return the shrimp to the skillet. Heat and mix quickly until shrimp absorb sauce. good Appetite!
Serve with pasta, rice, mashed potatoes (or mashed cauliflower) or simply with bread.

Enjoy !