Giving a 1942 Vanity Table a New Life

I found this vanity at a local swap and trade site for $50.I searched for my vanity for a long time and bought this product to create something I love and use.

Wood Vanity Vintage Paint Refurbished Painted Furniture
The crust had damage, but the vanity was in place. I knew I'd do it first
I tried using heat to release the peel, but found that the most productive way to get rid of it was to pick and peel with a straight razor and various putty knives.   Not the most fun part for sure. Some are peeled in slices, some areas I had to pick small pieces at a time.I'm sure someone has a better method, but it worked for me.  Most stand out.  

Get down to the bones.
After removing all the peel, I sanded it. Patience took its toll on all cracks and crevices. I sanded it more afterwards to get the wood as fresh looking as possible. My best advice here is to sand, sand and sand. When you think you've sanded enough, use it more.

I carefully smeared the piece. I used spot setting grain. Due to the different types of wood it gave a color variation that I was happy with. I did all the same steps with the top that holds the mirror.

Found this stamped on the mirrors!
The character says "Galax Va. , the middle cannot be read, and 1942. Which I suppose dates the piece to 1942.I used 4 layers of premium satin polyurethane. I used a bit of Brasso to clean the knobs.

I am very pleased with the result! Over 100 hours of blood, sweat and tears.
Before and after side by side.