Throw an aspirin in the washing machine

White clothes are essential in summer. It's true: white is often so cool and light that of all the colors available to us, it seems to be the most fitting. Finally as long as the fabric is white and not questionable yellow or gloomy gray! And despite all the care taken in these clothes, their immaculate whiteness quickly seems to become a memory. Here is a simple way to find clean white clothes without damaging them and without harmful bleach: put aspirin in your washing machine! Its salicylic acid will dissolve the proteins and other molecules that cause stains. Blood or sweat stains are not resistant to this powerful stain removal.

* What's needed :

° 5 aspirin tablets
° Hot water (7.5 liters will suffice)
° A basin
° The steps for using aspirin in your washing machine:

1) First, cut your tablets so that they dissolve faster.
2) Put them in the water and wait for them to dissolve.
3) Slip your clothes in, ensuring a good immersion and leave on for 8 hours or even more simply overnight.
4) The next day, put the clothes in the machine and add the same amount of aspirin directly to the washing machine drum. All you have to do is run a wash program with your usual detergent.

Note that you can put aspirin in your washing machine directly without bathing the clothes in a tub. However, it will be more effective dissolved against stubborn stains in a basin of water for a long soak ! This is ideal for crisp white