A classic light dish with burger steak in gravy and onions, traditionally served with hot rice or steamed potatoes, it's a best method to garnish pound ground beef with all ingredients on hand. 
* Ingredients :

° 1 pound minced meat
° rusk c
° 2 tsp ketchup
° 1 teaspoon mustard
° 1 tsp sauce  Worcestershiire
° Half tsp powder garlic
° ½ teaspoon onion powder - optional, use if onions are not in the broth
° 1 onion
° 1 teaspoon oil
° 2 c beef broth
° 4 teaspoons flour
° 1 teaspoon ketchup
° ½ tsp sauce Worcestershiire
* Methods :
If you want the onions to caramelize in the meat broth, start by slicing a small onion into thin strips, and cook them in 1 teaspoon of oil over medium-high heat until golden brown. About 78 minutes.  Set aside in a bowl, mix 1 pound ground beef with 1/4 cup breadcrumbs, 2 teaspoons ketchup, 1 teaspoon mustard and Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, and if onion is not soft, add 1/2 teaspoon A small amount of onion powder. 0. 5 pound hambuurger blended in 34 equal serve.

A 1/4-inch indentation in center aids prevent cake from puffing & baking equally . Placing steaks in  skillet with 1 tsp oil on medium-high heat, stir every 56 minutes until internal temperature reaches about 15-20 minutes depending on Fish, inner pot and stove.  Mix 4 teaspoons of tapioca flour with 1 cup of the broth, place the Salisbury steak in a plate and store carefully, pouring out most of the liquid, leaving about 34 tablespoons of the liquid.

Let the pan cool slightly.  Add 1 cup beef broth and bring to a boil over medium heat, slowly add flour mixture while whisking, add 1 teaspoon ketchup and ½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. Salt to taste, whisk for a few minutes until thickened, if using, add the caramelized onions to the broth and mix well, add the steak to mix and simmer for a few minutes, serve with mashed potatoes or to taste.

Enjoy !