Loaded Potato Balls with Bacon Bits

For an aperitif, a buffet or for tapas, choose the cromesquis for your menus. Soft and high in calories, hot or warm, these filled croquettes are breaded and fried in an oil bath. All the garnishes are possible, vegetable, cheese, with meat or fish, there is something for all tastes.

* Ingredients :

° Chapelure
° 60g of goat cheese
° 5 potatoes
° 2 eggs
° Oil

* Preperation :

1.Briing waater to boiil in saucepan. Immerse the potatoes and let them cook until they are tender.
2.Once cooked, mash them to make a puree.
3.Take pieces of cheese and insert it in the middle of a ball of mash, form several small balls.
4.In a deep plate, beat an egg to make it very yellow and in another deep plate, pour the breadcrumbs.
5.Come roll your ball first in breadcrumbs, then in egg, then in breadcrumbs again. Repeat with the other balls.
6.In a saucepan, heat an oil bath. Immerse your cromesquis to fry them. Be careful not to burn yourself.
7. Then place your cromesquis on absorbent paper. 

Enjoy !