An easy and quick treat that will appeal to young and old alike. And then for a football night it is just right!


° Corn kernels 200 g
° Olive oil 2 tbsp
° Sugar 80 g
° Semi-salted butter 30 g


1Pour the oil in a saucepan and add the corn kernels to it. Covering  shake the pan time or 2 during cooking & stop as soon as all grains have burst.With a glass cover, you can better monitor the "hatch" and also have an ear to hear the end of the "pop"! Pour popcorn to bowl.
2Pour diced sugar & butter in  pan, heat on heat. Stirring to distribute sugar rqually & let it melt. Blend 2 or 3 times.
To finish
When the mixture turns amber (caramel color), immediately pour over the popcorn and mix. Distribute on a plate to cool for a few minutes. Enjoy !