Funnel cake

No churros, no donuts, and yet, a delicacy that we would like to taste on occasion !

+ Preparation time10 minutes
+ Cooking time20 minutes

* Ingredients :

° Sunflower oil for frying
° 300g flour
° Icing sugar
° 2 tablespoons of yeast
° 275ml milk
° 2 eggs

* Steps :

Pour an oil bath in a large saucepan, until about halfway up.
Heaat up 180 ° C with thermometer.
Tip know if temperature of oil is sufficient: dip piece bread in oil, it must brown in 30 sec .When oil heats, whips flour, iced sugar, pan, milk, eggs &  good pinch salt.
Pour dough to bag pastry.While oil is hot, cutting end of pastry bag to making an open for 1 cm wide.Firmly grasp the spout and press gently with your fingers to release the dough: pour it in a circle or snail in the frying bath.Firmly lift the tip of the spout to cut the dough and repeat.  Start with 3 donuts.Cook them for 1 minute on each side until golden and crispy.Employ  skimmer, removing them also drain them on paper-absorbent.Sprinkling plenty of icing sugar also enjoy quickly: it's better hot.keep cooking until all dough is employed up.

Enjoy !