''Cucumber / Onion, & Tomato Salad''

Serve colorful salad of chop tomatoes, onions & cucumbers with or on top anything. With tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, parsley, and simple vinegar, the salad is crunchy, super tasty, and vegan.Skip to our Chopped Tomato, Onion, and Cucumber Salad Recipe or read on for our tips on how to make it.

* Ingredients :

° 1 cup water
° 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar
° 1/4 cup vegetable oil
° 1/4 cup sugar
° 2 teaspoons salt
° 1 tsp coarsely- pepperblack
° 3 cucumbers, peeled and cut into 1/4-inch-thick slices
° 3 tomatoes cut into slices
° 1 onion, slice​​& cut to rings

* Methods :

Beat water / vinegar, oil / sugar, salt, and pepper in  bowl to smooth. Add the cucumber, tomato and onion and stir until covered.
Cover the bowl with a plastic lid. Refrigerate at least 2 h .

Enjoy !