How to make a simple, soft and melting chocolate cake? I suggest you try this recipe! This chocolate cake had been very popular with my little cousins: they both wanted the recipe to give to their mother! Chocolate addicts can add a chocolate coating or serve with a chocolate coulis. Follow my advice for making the chocolate cake at the bottom of the recipe.

*Ingredients :

° 200 g dark chocolate 52% cocoa
° 125 g of unsalted butter (or semi-salt for the greedy)
° 100 g of T65 wheat flour
° 1 sachet baking-powder (10 g)
° 4 organic eggs
° 200 g caster sugar (or rather 150 g according to the comments)
° 1 pinch of salt

* Preperation :

Preparation: 20 min
Cooking: 30 min
And here are the steps to prepare a delicious chocolate cake:
1. Cutting/ chocolate and butter to small pieces. Melt them in a double boiler until they have a homogeneous mixture. Remove from the heat.
2. Add the flour and baking powder sifted into the melted chocolate.
3. In bowl, beat yolks wiith sugar. Then add the chocolate preparation.
4. In other bowl, beat egg whites with  pinch salt. Gently fold them into the chocolate preparation.
5. Pour this mixture into a pan covered with parchment paper (24 to 26 cm in diameter).
6. Baking for 20 to 25 min in an oven preheaated 180 ° C. Watch the end of cooking by pricking the cake with the blade of a knife: it should come out dry. Let the chocolate cake cool well before unmolding.

Enjoy !