Cucumber is one of the most unusual foods in our salads. They are meals that must be protected in your daily routine, if you need to fix a healthy and harmonious framework. Here are the effects of eating it on our bodies compatible with Dr. Lawrence Martin's pleasure.

 However, these foods contain huge amounts of fat, salt, and sugar, which can aim to build up contaminants within the tire, promoting excess production and garage fat and impeding proper tire performance.

However, to get out of this and fix the stability of your body, you must implement the best eating behavior which in no way consists of skipping food, specifically breakfast, and giving a healthy snack that helps withstand water cravings. Specifically give up and the end result is vegetables rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Cucumber, for example, is one of the foods that should be covered in your daily menu. Get out from under what his fist is doing to your body!

Why is eating a cucumber every day high quality for you?

Frame detoxification
Easy clarification: To get the most out of cucumbers, it is very beneficial to eat them without peeling. This is due to the fact that the pores of cucumbers, pores and skin are composed of phenolic compounds with antioxidant action, which fight against dangerous radicals. In addition, the better the acidity of the cucumber, the better its sensitivity to pumpkin (C), which increases its anti-inflammatory ability. This is without forgetting that the additional water content in cucumbers (95%) is a super hydrating source for the organism, and its diuretic action stimulates the kidney property and promotes the removal of excreta and pollution through urine and sweating. . . For nutrients with nutrients (A, B, C, E) and minerals (calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium, magnesium, etc.) they strengthen the defenses of the immune system and enhance its protective action.

Skin and pore health
Cucumber slices all over the eye, is a tip that couldn't be better known. In addition to the external appearance, the choice now does not fail to cleanse the pores and skin, improve the general conditions of our body. Detoxifying and anti-inflammatory, it reduces inflammation that causes various pores and skin problems that include acne, and neutralizes dangerous free radicals that are loaded with early metastatic growth.

Better digestion and fat burning
Rich in water, fiber and nutrients, cucumber is a true slimming ally. By taking it every day, it allows to enhance the digestive process, fight various digestive problems and repair the mucous membrane of the abdomen and intestines. In addition, its diuretic action and metabolically active houses promote fat burning and elimination, which leads to significant and effective weight loss.
In addition, Japanese studies have shown that cucumber contributes to weight loss within the inverted chewing index. This is for women who use food that requires more gentle chewing than those who choose snacks.

Effective elimination of breath odor
One of the biggest unusual and annoying problems is the embarrassing respiratory system due to the growth of microorganisms in the oral cavity. To triumph over this, it is very important to perform careful oral hygiene and deal with any cavities or gingivitis that would otherwise be present. To help you remove it, place a thick slice of cucumber against the palace and keep it for 31 minutes.