Fruit Salad Forever

Premium quality fruit salad with a sparkling honey-lemon dressing! Exceptionally refreshing, it's a must-have side dish made with a beautiful blend of a delicious end result and easy spices to complement it. This sure is usually a crowd favorite!

* Ingredients :

° 1 can juice pineapple
° 1 tins mandarin oranges, tired
° 1 green grape, halved
° 2 bananas
° 1 strawberry, sliced, but you like it
° 1 small square area of ​​instant vanilla pudding (Jel logo or just - a little doesn't taste right)
° 1 You can also add a different stop end result as you wish.

* Methods  :

Pour pineapple, juice, & everything to bowl. Add the pudding mixture and stir until fluffy. Stir in tired mandarin. Adding more fruit, stir, to it's also creamy.
Putting salad in refrigerator for while to it reaches ideal mileage & cools.

Enjoy !