Looking for a delicious idea for dinner?Taste-chicken breast stuffed with cheese and bacon.Trifecta is a combination of tender chicken, fried bacon and cream cheese.This recipe is one of the most successful recipes and has received rave reviews.It also contains only 5 main ingredients.

* ingredients:

° 2 pieces of boneless & skinless breasts chicken.
° 4 tsp cheese cream.
° 1/4 c cheese grated - pepper jack.
° 2 tablespoons of green onions {chopped}.
° Eight pieces of bacon.


Step 1:  I cut chicken into quarters.Step 2:  I mixed soft cheese, green onion and grated cheese.Place 1/4 of this mixture in the middle of each chicken nugget.Step 3:  Roll out the chicken breast from the long side, leaving the cheese mixture in the middle.Step 4:  Wrap two pieces of bacon on the chicken breast with a toothpick.
Fifth step:
I set  at 375 degres F  for 30 min on a baking tray & back.
Sixth step:
Grill the top of the completely browned bacon and bacon for about 5 minutes.Turn each breast over and cook for another 4 minutes to soften the bottom.