*20 incredible Toothpaste Tricks !

Toothpaste is part of the life of all human beings, and it is ostensibly with one goal: to clean the teeth and get a fresh breath, but the uses of this indispensable product are not limited to its original purpose only, but it can be used in different and varied fields that you did not think before.  
Yes, believe it or not, toothpaste can greatly facilitate your life; Because it has multiple benefits and uses.
Disinfection of water bottles and thermos
Plastic water bottles or thermos are usually used on a daily basis and despite the cleaning process; The smell becomes a bit strange after a while. Using toothpaste will disinfect them and get rid of the smell quickly, all you have to do is clean them with toothpaste from the inside, and then wash them again to get rid of the remaining deposits.  
Jewelry and copper polishing
It is a common use of toothpaste, although some are afraid of using it to polish diamonds. No product can give gold and diamonds the needed shine as toothpaste does. The mechanism is simple, just put a little of it on the brush and then rub the jewelry you want to polish. Just make sure to wash it with water before it dries. It is absolutely not recommended to use toothpaste to polish pearls; Because the materials it contains lead to scratching. As for polishing copper and silver, it is preferable not to use gel paste.
stain removal
It can remove the most stubborn stains, whether it is juice, sauce, etc. What is required is to put a small amount of it on the stain, then rub it well, then wash the fabric. Just be careful not to use toothpaste meant for whitening teeth on colored clothing.
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Car headlight polishing
Car headlights and exterior lights often get dirty and foggy due to natural factors to which they are exposed. Toothpaste can revive the bulbs, all you have to do is wash them with soap and water first to get rid of the dirt, then put a little toothpaste on the cloth of the bulbs and rub it well.  
Getting rid of screw holes
Toothpaste works for relatively small holes caused by nails, staples, or paper clips. Put the appropriate amount into the hole, then wipe off the extra amount, and make sure to clean it well; So that it does not dry out and leave a mark around the hole. After the putty dries, it can be painted in the appropriate color to match the color of the wall.
Get rid of foggy bathroom doors and mirrors
Shower doors and bathroom mirrors can quickly become foggy or accumulate dirt due to frequent showers and water vapor. Cleaning usually does not restore its original luster, but toothpaste can. It is enough to put the toothpaste on a cleaning cloth or a cleaning sponge and polish the glass, for stubborn stains you can keep the toothpaste for some time before rubbing and washing it.   An added benefit of putty is that it turns these surfaces anti-fog, too.
DVD scratch removal
Small scratches usually make DVDs useless, so get rid of them and buy a new one. Toothpaste can remove surface scratches. Be sure to use a very small amount of toothpaste and apply it from the inside and then rub it out using the cotton or cloth for the rollers.
Getting rid of hand odor
Some foods, such as fish, onions, and garlic, cannot get rid of their odor no matter how you wash your hands. The trick is to use it as you would hand soap, apply a small amount and rub it in as if you were using regular soap.
Iron cleaning
Some people resort to cleaning the iron in the traditional way, that is, using dishwashing soap and a sponge, which leads to scratching the iron and not removing the stuck-on deposits.   Toothpaste cleans it without scratching it and removes deposits, but it must be cleaned when the iron is cold and be sure to wipe the iron with a clean cloth after cleaning it with toothpaste; In order to remove it completely. 
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Organizing piano keys
Whether made of ivory or plastic, toothpaste can remove finger prints and restore their original color. To clean it, you can use a toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste, and later remove it with a damp cloth.
Cleaning crayons off the wall
A perfect trick for parents whose kids decide to turn their creativity into paintings on the wall. Toothpaste here is preferable to the regular type, not the gel, and it can be rubbed with a brush, sponge or cloth depending on the extent of the damage. After cleaning it, be sure to wash it with water so as not to leave traces.
Get rid of pimples
Put a very small amount of regular toothpaste, that is, not intended for teeth whitening, on the pimples that bother you before bed. The paste helps remove redness and absorb oils and fluids inside the pimple. But you must make sure that using it in this way suits you by trying it on your hand. If you are allergic to it, you should not use it.